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  • Dumaguete barangays to get shares in P137M IRA
    on June 19, 2019 at 11:06 am

    DUMAGUETE CITY, June 14 (PIA)–A total of P137.9 million Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) next year will be shared to all the 30 component barangays in Dumaguete City. This is pursuant to the advisory issued by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM), said Dems Demecillo, city public information officer (CPIO). The computation of IRA shares is based on the census of population taken in 2015 for each barangay and equal sharing of P1.2 million.  With this estimates, some of these barangays will receive IRA from a low of P1.3 million to a high of P8.7 million, Demecillo said. Under the Local Government Code of 1991, the barangays can budget and disburse their IRAs for honoraria of officials and employees, maintenance of health and day care centers, Katarungang Pambarangay, peace and order, electrical and water consumption in barangay facilities, among other services that will serve the public. Based on the advisory released by DBM, the top 5 barangays with biggest IRA shares are: Bagacay, P8.7 million; Taclobo, P8.3 million; Batinguel, P8.3 million; Banilad, P7.9 million and Calindagan, P6.9 million. On the other hand, the barangays with the least IRA shares are: Poblacion 4 and Poblacion 5 at P1.3 million each; Poblacion 6 and Poblacion 3 at P1.4 million each and Poblacion 7, P 1.5 million. IRA shares for the remaining barangays are as follows: Bajumpandan, P 5.8 million; Balugo, P3.8 million; Bantayan, P5 million; Bunao, P3.3 million; Cadawinonan, P5.4 million; Camanjac, P4.6 million; Candau-ay, P6.9M; Cantil-e, P4.5M; Daro, P6.2M; Junob, P6.5M; Looc, P4.8M; Mangnao, P4.2M; Motong, P 2.9M; Piapi, P5.8M; Poblacion 1, P2.9M; Poblacion 2, P2.2M; Poblacion 8, P 2.9M; Pulantubig, P3.8M; Tabuc-Tubig, P 2.5M and Talay, P4.7M. The 30 barangays will use the computation of their IRA shares in making their annual budgets for 2020 starting October this year. (jct/PIA7-Negros Oriental) […]

  • Dgte dad calls for cooperation to bring city to greater heights
    on June 19, 2019 at 10:59 am

    DUMAGUETE CITY, Jun. 13 (PIA)–As the city marks the 121st Independence Day, Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo called on Dumagueteños for support and cooperation to bring the city to greater heights. Remollo wishes teamwork among the residents as he said there are a lot of developments and interest of investments coming which would bring employment in the city. In this year’s keynote speaker to the 121st Philippine Independence Day celebration, Silliman University Dr. Betty Cernol-McCann centered her message on the national theme, “Tapang ng Bayan, Malasakit sa Mamamayan,” speaks of the country’s resolve and courage to demonstrate compassion towards its people. Dumaguete City officials led by Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo (center) express appreciation to Silliman University Dr. Betty Cernol-McCann (2nd from left) who served as guest speaker to the 121st Philippine Independence Day celebration in front of the Presidencia (City Hall). (PIA/Negros Oriental)McCann said the event is observed throughout the nation with fitting ceremonies so that it will be cherished forever in the hearts of the Filipino people and inspire them and posterity to greater dedication and endeavour for the welfare of the country and the well-being of the people. “With so many challenges, survival in an interdependent world requires patience, and intellectual honesty, as well as a sense of history and confidence in the basic goodness and resourcefulness of the Filipino peoples.  It requires a sense of realism about what is possible in public life,” McCann said. She cited that in asserting the claims of independence, “we must avoid hostility or injustices in thought, word, and deed—that actually weakens our security instead of promoting our own self-interests as a nation.” Remollo also joined McCann’s calls for cooperation, partnership, mutual respect and work together for shared goals and join the city’s business sector, police and military, as well as nongovernmental and people organizations, whose independence also depends on building the capacities for interdependence. Over a thousand government officials, employees, uniformed personnel, veterans, members of civic and non-government organizations celebrated the 121st Philippine Independence Day for the first time at the City Quadrangle fronting the historical Old Presidencia (City Hall circa 1937). Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo, Silliman University President Dr. Betty Cernol-McCann and City Chief-of-Police Col. Gregorio Galsim led the traditional raising of the Philippine flag, wreath laying and the 21 gun salute as part of ceremony. The participants sang patriotic songs, paid tribute to the Filipino heroes and the Philippine flag. (jct/PIA7-Negros Oriental) […]

  • Dgte to put up septage facility
    on June 19, 2019 at 10:52 am

    DUMAGUETE CITY, Jun. 13 (PIA)–A septage waste water treatment facility will soon be under the full control of the city government, says Dems Demecillo, Dumaguete City public information officer. This is part of the proposed compromise agreement between the City of Dumaguete, Dumaguete City Water District (DCWD), and Metropac Water Investment Corporation (MWIC), he added. The agreement aims to settle the pending case of Injunction with Application for Preliminary Injunction and Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) filed by the City of Dumaguete against DCWD and MWIC before the Regional Trial Court Branch 41. Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo has been authorized by the City Council to sign the compromise agreement. It is noted that both the city government and DCWD co-owns the septage facility in Brgy. Camanjac pursuant to their Memorandum of Agreement dated June 25, 2009. However, the city government sued both DCWD and MWIC for the inclusion of the septage facility without the consent of the former, in the Joint Venture Agreement entered by the two parties that will establish the proposed Joint Venture Company that will take over 80 percent of DCWD, thereby privatizing the water service utility in the city. But Demecillo said upon signing of the compromise agreement, DCWD will also execute a Deed of Donation and Release and Quitclaim transferring the septage facility in favor of the city at no cost to the latter. Both DCWD and MWIC shall not use the septage facility or any portion of it in undertaking the septage phase of the water distribution project in Dumaguete City as contemplated in their Service Contract Agreement and Joint Venture Agreement without the written consent of the City of Dumaguete. Demecillo said that should DCWD and MWIC pursue the Joint Venture Company, both are committed to comply with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements including applicable requirements under the pertinent and lawful ordinances of the city such as those pertaining to the application for and acquisition of the appropriate authority or permit from the local government of Dumaguete City to operate and the payment of any duly imposed and applicable fees and charges. Upon the signing of the Compromise Agreement, DCWD, MWIC and the City of Dumaguete will immediately cause the termination of the pending case by filing a Joint Motion for Judgment before the concerned court.  (jct/PIA7-Negros Oriental) […]

  • Sepsis, cancer: Dumaguete’s top causes of death
    on June 19, 2019 at 10:50 am

    DUMAGUETE CITY, June 11 (PIA)–Dumaguete City Health Office has recorded sepsis and cancer are the leading causes of deaths in Dumaguete City with 1,583 and 1,116 cases, respectively from 2015 to 2018. City Health Officer Dr. Ma. Sarah Talla also reported that in the same period about 10, 412 people died due to different causes while the number of live births in the four-year period reached only 8, 992. However, Dr. Talla clarified that the number of deaths included those admitted in several hospitals of the city where serious cases were usually referred. Some of those who died are not actual residents of Dumaguete City but from other cities and towns of the province and region, whose deaths are included in the report for the city as the place of occurrence, she added. Meanwhile, the number of maternal mortality or mothers who died due to pregnancy and childbirth has fluctuated since 2015 (16 deaths), 2016 (13), 2017 (11) and 2018 (18 deaths).  On the other hand, 114 infants died before reaching the age of one-year old in 2015; 135 infants in 2016; 100 in 2017 and 113 in 2018.  It is also recorded that, 626 children (age 1-5 years old) died in the last 4 years: 157 children in 2015; 188 in 2016; 135 in 2017 and 146 in 2018.  From 2015-2016 the six other top causes of death aside from sepsis and cancer are the following: cardiac arrest, 976 deaths; Pneumonia, 926; kidney failure, 708; cerebrovascular disease/stroke 569; vehicular accidents 504 and multi-organ failure, 374. Talla said that in many cases, people need only to live a healthy and stress-free lifestyle to avoid acquiring the diseases in the first place. She counsels for individuals to avoid smoking, processed food and those with high cholesterol; consume moderate amounts of alcohol, salt and sugar; maintain normal blood pressure and ideal body weight; get enough sleep; maintain a well-balanced diet; indulge in a 30 minute daily exercise and eat more fruits and vegetables. (jct/PIA7-Negros Oriental with reports from CPIO Dems Demecillo) […]

  • Dgte CDRRMC to buy 30 mini-ambulances for disaster response 
    on June 19, 2019 at 10:45 am

    DUMAGUETE CITY, Jun. 11 (PIA)–Dumaguete City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (CDRRMC) approved several projects including the purchase of mini-ambulances from the unexpended balances fund totaling P30.1 million, for each of the 30 component barangays. CDRRM Officer Rizal Benatero said CDRRMC has proposed the following purchases and projects to be funded by the unexpended balances from 2017-2018 to maximize the city’s preparedness and response during calamities. Among those approved in the shopping list are the following: purchase of 30 mini-ambulance, P9million; purchase of full size ambulance, P3M; penetrator fire truck, P4.5M; mobile base radio, P342, 000; radio antenna, P170, 000; signage for evacuation centers and disaster prone-areas, P200, 000; water purification truck, P2.5 million; mobile generator set, P800, 000; mobile kitchen, P800, 000; fuel, lubricants during operations, P694, 000; various equipment for rescuers, P1 million and water trailer, P 900, 000. Meanwhile, other proposed expenses will also involve the construction of water tower, P500, 000; conduct of CBMS, P5Mn and the repair of evacuation center P358, 455.65. Benatero added that the city also plans to buy the so-called “ambucycle” that will promptly respond to any emergency that will operated by a well-trained first responder capable of maneuvering the unit amid heavy traffic so that first-aid can be administered to victims of accidents or disaster.  (jct/PIA7-Negros Oriental with reports from CPIO Dems Demecillo) &nbs […]